The most effective program for finding your voice as a speaker, developing your speech, and getting paid to speak.


Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs is the only academy in its class that teaches you everything you need to know to create a speaking business that gets you paid on your own terms or even booked solid every month in 6 steps.


Like you, I launched my speaking business and didn’t know where to start but I desired to work from home and travel around the world speaking, impacting lives, on my own schedule

But you’ve been speaking for free and don’t know who to contact and how to contact them. Or maybe you got a lot to say but don’t know how to put your message together to take people on a path of transformation.

You eventually struggle to develop a brand that represents who you truly are and fail to get paid what you are truly worth. 


When I reached this point in my speaking business, I decided I no longer wanted to be a speaker by name and fail at it as a profession. 

And I thought I could find a way to beat the odds. 

I beat the odds with dyslexia yet I graduated college. I beat the odds becoming one of the fastest men in the world. Same stuff, different day, right? 

FALSE. I spent a year trying to get hired without working with an agent or bureau. But after many failed attempts, I discovered there is a formula to get booked consistently and it doesn’t require a large following on social media. 

I had to develop a business and master the system. It wasn’t until I created a speaker pipeline I now teach, that I started impacting tens of thousands each year. And I started with speaking for free to making six figures a year.

You know it’s your time to hit the stage and start getting paid to do what you love, and I want to show you how.

the stage is waiting for you...

⟶ If you have a story to tell and are trying to find ways make money sharing it. 

⟶ If you are a beginning speaker, it can be overwhelming to pinpoint your expertise so you know where to focus your attention. 

⟶ If you’ve been speaking for free and don’t know what to charge for your speaker fee, it can be frustrating to know you are offering so much value but people aren’t seeing your worth.

⟶ If you are an experienced speaker, not being up to code with the language that’s closing more deals and getting you paid at a premium price can limit your growth in the digital age.

⟶ You’ve dreamed of delivering your message to the masses, but you’re second guessing if you have the skills to be a full-time paid speaker. Should you give up on your dream? No way!

Have you ever watched someone on stage captivate an audience and felt, “That could be me, but how do I craft my message and get paid to speak?”

Your dream is possible

Can you imagine...

Waking up to emails from companies requesting you as a keynote speaker to speak in front of hundreds (even thousands) of attendees.​

Closing more than enough speaking deals that give you the financial freedom to focus on impacting the world with your message.

Receiving a standing ovation after the best speech of your life.

Hearing testimonials from attendees saying, “You changed my life.”

The Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs course allows you to create a thriving speaking business on your own terms. 


Whether you want to speak on stages across the world, make money from your living room delivering virtual keynotes, create your own events or become the go-to speaker that people pay tens of thousands of dollars to see.

Inside Look of Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs


Create Your Niche And Authority

In the first core, I will help you find your voice as a speaker and create your niche to build a profitable speaking business. If you don’t know your voice you will lose your authority. So inside core 1, I will guide you through exactly how to identify your authenticity and where you will be the most influential. You will get crystal clear on your target your tribe, message, and identify your speaker style so you are confident on the stage and create an impact.

We’ll also talk about overcoming limiting beliefs and fears you have about speaking so you can discover your true message.


Develop Your Speech

In the second core, I’ll show you how to package your personal stories that challenged and changed you without overdoing it. You will learn your story types and the framework to properly structure your speech.

Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure your speech is ready for the stage so you can actually take people on a journey of transformation and lasting impact in people’s lives.


Captivate Your Audience

In the third core, I’ll show you how to command the stage through physical presentation skills and effective body language. I’ll help you align your vocal variety and tone of your voice with the heart of your story. 

We’ll look at the difference between what you say and how you say what you say. You’ll learn how to not talk about your experiences but relive them on the stage to become that sought-after speaker. 


Bring the Soul

The fourth core of the program focuses on what you need to find soul and flow in your speech to be vulnerable with your audience. You will learn how to tap into your divine power to be intuitive and transcend the script of your written speech. 

I’ll also teach you a few memorization techniques so that you can be present with your audience. 


Build Your Brand 

In the fifth core, I’ll help you decide how you will develop a high-converting website that authentically represents your brand. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts for speaker pages and I will give you the front and backend strategies to optimize your website to get more traffic and onboard your ideal clients.

We’ll also talk about how to get featured on major publications and podcasts to increase your influence and following.


Set Up Your Paid Speaking Gigs System 

In the final core of the program, you will need to learn my speaker pipeline system to secure paid speaking gigs. I will teach you the strategies to find gigs, nurture clients, and get paid to speak.


Speaker Contracts & Invoices

Get my latest speaker contract and invoice that allows me to effectively and legally book engagements with high-profile clients as well as secure your deposit and protect your brand.


Mentorship Sessions

Learn what helped some of the best speakers in the industry become a highly sought-after speaker and the strategies they use to grow their impact and income.


Writing Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will overcome the fear of public writing, bust through writer’s block, and write your story with feeling instead of just reporting facts. 


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

During your commitment, get bi-weekly access to group calls. We will strategize to help you curate an effective plan of action to improve your ability to secure more speaking engagements.

Check out these bonuses!

Even though you have a vision… there are so many parts to creating a speaking career that overwhelms.

Craft your speech, build a brand that positions you as a trusted expert, book paid speaking engagements, and don’t forget the importance of using a contract that will protect your speaking fee. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. But the good news is, if you don’t try to do it all by yourself, it won’t be so difficult.

The Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs is a group coaching program filled with a tribe of self-motivated speakers who desire to create a thriving speaking business – with clarity.

If you’re like most speakers I chat with...

the stage is waiting for you...

You’ve been thinking about launching your speaking business for months, maybe even years, but you don’t know where to start.

You want to escape your 9-5 grind and finally be recognized as a top speaker with an array of services and products that provide passive income.

You’ve got a lot to say but don’t know how to put your message together so you take people on a path from motivation to transformation.

You may struggle to develop a brand that represents who you truly are so when people request your services or go to your website, you are completely out of alignment with your value, speaker fee, message, and impact. Because of this, you fail to get booked.

Maybe you close one or two speaking engagements a quarter, but you want a steady stream of booked events that allows you to build a six or seven-figure speaking business. You are craving a solid system that builds your net worth.

You don’t want fluff. You want something that is going to ignite your speaking business by giving you strategic solutions that you can put into action, right now!

⟶ What does it look like to own your story and voice as a speaker ?
⟶ How do I get paid for speaking?
⟶ How do I get out my own way and start speaking like I know I can?
⟶ How do you monetize your brand, develop content and social media strategies?

I’m sure these questions and many more like them can cause a lot of confusion when you are trying to build your speaking business. If you don’t have a plan, you are planning to fail. Not knowing what to say or how to say it can leave you in a pile of unqualified speakers that fail to get booked year round.

Without structure and proper training, it will take years to multiply your income and share your message with the masses (lucky for you, I’ve already made the mistakes and created a fast-track system to multiply your income again and again!)

You're ready to get on stage today and build a successful speaking business but you've got questions - I've got answers!

Join the Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs and build your successful speaking career.

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Journey To Paid Speaking Gigs you will...

Find your authentic voice (hone your lane and overcome your fears)

Create profitable events (build your own empire and create sold out events)

Get featured in media (create a buzz through other platforms)

Develop a powerful speech (transform lives)

Book paid speaking gigs (become the speaker you dreamed of)

Increase traffic to your site (get seen by people who hire keynote speakers)

Build a diverse wealth strategy (create a speaking business that can weather a pandemic)

And above everything else, show up with confidence. There are thousands, if not millions of people who need your voice right now.

You are               to the table.


It’s time to build a thriving, impactful speaking business that generates a full time income, by using my proven roadmap to find your voice, develop your story, build a tribe, and create a brand that gets you booked solid.

The Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs Program is like the cast iron skillet in Big Mama’s kitchen – when she pulls it out, you know you’re about to eat GOOD!

The Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs delivers practical strategies and proven tactics I’ve learned into a step by step system that will turn your speaking career into an impactful, highly sought after brand.

We provide personalized coaching, feedback and critique to improve your speech.

In Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs, I’m going to show you how I went from speaking for free to making 5-figures per speech.

I believe your story will get you from stage to stage. And I’m going to show you the essential elements of powerful storytelling that will connect you to your audience so they will be transformed and become raving fans for life.

Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs is the complete package where I will teach you how to get booked as a speaker, create a live events, podcasts, books, and other branded merchandise so you can truly achieve your goals, grow your audience, and launch your first event while creating different streams of income (without overcomplicating the process). It’s time to take the stage!

You’ll learn how to take the cap off of your growth and reach your FULL potential by turning your experience into a profitable, full-time business.

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 There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be crushing the stage.

A Tribe of Speakers Ready to Crush The Stage

The Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs tribe is where the best speakers come to crush the stage. Get instant access today. 

⟶ A community that inspires others to engage in the group through interactions, feedback and encouragement.
⟶ Find further inspiration and collaboration from other members’ brands, messages and ideas so you can be innovative and build your own unique speaking business.
⟶ Surround yourself with various levels of speakers and learn from their critiques.
⟶ Be around a tribe of winners who are invested in furthering their future and creating a meaningful legacy.

join the


Here's What Goes Down in the Tribe


6 cores to master


24/6 support

THE coaching ⟶

expert guidance

Enroll Now to the Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs Program with Charles Clark

Yo, we are so excited to see if you’re a good fit to work with us on your speaking business and getting consistently paid speaking gigs! Please take a moment to complete the application below so we can understand your calling and how we can help. Please keep it real and give detail. This is your opportunity to leave an impression and let us know if you would be a good addition to the Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs Program!  

3 Month  Commitment  

3 Monthly Installments of $1,125/month


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⟶ Guided 8-Week Implementation to Become A Paid Speaker 
⟶  3 Months Access to Journey To Paid Speaking Gigs Mastermind, Support, Program and Curriculum 
⟶ Bi-Weekly Group Strategy Calls 
⟶ The exact Templates, Documentation, Scripts, Standard Operating Procedures, and Processes for managing and scaling your Speaking Business
⟶ Everything you need to Create your Signature Keynote & get Booked Solid Consistently
BONUS: The Journey To Paid Speaking Gigs Academy ($10,000 Value - 3 months access)
BONUS: Behind The Scenes Mentorship
⟶ Session With World-Class Speakers (3 months access)
⟶ BONUS: How To Establish A Writing Routine Masterclass (3 months access)
⟶ BONUS: Build your Dream Followers On Instagram (3 months access)
⟶ BONUS: Speaker Scaling Fast Training 

⟶ Guided 12 Month Implementation to Become A Paid Speaker 
⟶ 12 Months Access to Journey To Paid Speaking Gigs Mastermind, Support, Program and Curriculum 
⟶ Bi-Weekly Group Strategy Calls 
⟶ The exact Templates, Documentation, Scripts, Standard Operating Procedures, and Processes for managing and scaling your Speaking Business
⟶ Everything you need to Create your Signature Keynote & get Booked Solid Consistently
⟶ BONUS: The Journey To Paid Speaking Gigs Academy ($10,000 Value - 12 months access)
⟶ BONUS: Behind The Scenes Mentorship
⟶ Session With World-Class Speakers (12 months access)
⟶ BONUS: How To Establish A Writing Routine Masterclass (12 months access)
⟶ BONUS: Build your Dream Followers On Instagram (12 months access)
⟶ BONUS: Speaker Scaling Fast Training

⟶ PAY IN FULL BONUS: Save An Additional $2,000
⟶ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 1 Additional Month of Full Access as a Perk ($1,000 Value)
⟶ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 30-minute 1:1 Call with A Speaker Coach
⟶ PAY IN FULL BONUS: Ticket to Conference or Workshop 

1 Payment of $3,000
(Save $375!)

1 Payment of $10,000
(Save $2,000!)

12 Monthly Installments of $1,000/month

*If you are unable to make a $10,000 one-time payment due to credit card spending limit, there is an option to charge you $2,500 each day over the next 3 days, with your first payment securing your spot today. Email us for the link!

In-Person Conference or Workshop

As a bonus, those who pay in full will also get a ticket to my in-person Journey Conference or Workshop. In this bonus, you’ll get an inside look at the system I used to build a six-figure speaking business in 3 years. Plus feedback on your speech and support with your booking process.



You’re The Perfect Fit For The Journey To Paid Speaking Gigs If...

You put in work but you need professional structure and support to close paid speaking gigs and be comfortable on the stage.

You want to move from part-time to a full-time speaker, traveling the world and sharing your message.

You’re ready to create a unique brand experience that represents your vision, purpose, and message.

You’re willing to finally be all in by investing your time and money to move your career off the starting line.

You have a voice, but you need to strategically get pushed out of your comfort zone.

You started speaking and need to package your website, speeches, services, and products to grow your audience.

You want to find the balance between technique and divine flow so that you can connect with your audience when delivering your message.

The Answers to Your Journey

how I’ll help you + what to expect of you

how long does it take to build a successful speaking career?

It depends on what stage you are at in your speaking career. This isn’t an overnight success program. Long term success takes long term commitment. The goal of this program is to accelerate your journey of getting to the place of becoming a full time speaker. What I have done is to collapse the time it would normally take for you to do it yourself and empowered you with the tools needed to succeed within 3-8 months. This time frame is dependent on your level of commitment and effort.



With the coaches in the program, we will help you develop, hone, and practice strategies to craft your go-to speech throughout the entirety of the program. Bi-weekly, we encourage all members to send videos of their speech to receive a live critique and feedback form from the coaches. The feedback will identify blind spots in your presentation, which will help you build your confidence, trust and authority on stage.



This is dependent upon your niche, brand, and overall message. But, everything that you need to close paid speaking gigs will be covered within this course. You will no longer have to question why you aren’t booking engagements. This only leaves you with the task of implementing the strategies we teach within the 6 cores of the Journey to Paid Speaking Gigs.



YES! We have worked with a number of clients who have never been on stage and don’t have a website but know they have a voice and a message to share that will impact the world. 

If you are on the starting blocks, we won’t leave you in the dust. Each course is dedicated to covering the foundations involved in building a successful speaking business. You might focus on more of the beginning modules to build more confidence and create solid strategies to develop your message and brand. 

These modules will also help you overcome the fears that come with beginning your public speaking experience. Why suffer when you can thrive with a step by step process that moves you from the starting line to the finish line in your speaking career.



YES! Maybe you have traveled around the world speaking, but you’ve reached a glass ceiling – with your brand, your revenue stream, your booked engagements. I’ve been there too, and I know the pivots required to break through inconsistency so you can outperform your previous years.  It’s time to catch your second wind so you can get consistent growth in your speaking career and make the level of impact you desire. The program will take you through techniques and strategies that will not only have people coming to you, but will show you how to present yourself to businesses for sustainable partnership opportunities. You might have landed a few big name clients but you are working from one opportunity to the next, struggling to find consistent engagements, profitability, and proper pricing for your speaker fees. We cover how to SCALE your business in this digital age and make strategic moves that will build a successful speaking business.



Our community is made of thrivers from all over the world and they fulfill all different types of niches – from motivational speakers, pastors, coaches, to artists that want to be better performers on stage. 

This online program allows you to connect with other speakers from across the globe. You can do the program from the comfort of your living room on a laptop. The program is digital and can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available.

Once you sign up, you are given immediate access to all of the course, community and coaching to accelerate your journey to getting paid speaking gigs.


The time to start is 


Gone are the days that you have to know someone or already be in the “winner’s circle” to get on stage. With social media, SEO, and creating a brand experience, it has never been easier to leverage your own business opportunities without hiring someone to speak on your behalf and take a 35% commission of your hard-earned cash.

Starting NOW will:

Take the guessing game out of the process of building a speaking business and give you clarity for finding your voice and establishing your expertise so that you can be a thought leader within your niche.

Shorten the time it takes to develop a unique message that resonates with your ideal audience and grows your following.

Give yourself the protection you need to secure your deposits, hassle free.

Starting today will stop the struggle and start your journey to paid speaking gigs.

There is no need to be a speaker by name but fail at it as a profession.

Motivational Speakers who find themselves pouring into the lives of other people whenever they are sharing stories and are the go-to person for advice and wisdom.

Coaches that are looking to expand their one on one reach to facilitating virtual workshops and live events.

Pastors that want to become better communicators (orally and written) by delivering their points more effectively and looking for professional feedback beyond their church congregation and executive board.

Business Leaders who are leading their organization but need ways to improve their story telling skills to create buy-in and influence.

Self-motivated entrepreneurs that created a successful product or service and desire to share their message with the masses about how they too can create a thriving life.

Digital Content Creators who are launching an online program and need strategies that will help them build authenticity and relatability with their audience.

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Our Ideal Speakers

Increase your visibility as a speaker.
Find your authentic voice.
Impact the world with your message.

Most speakers don’t consistently get hired, but I’m going to teach you how to stand out. It’s not about luck, it’s about learning and implementing strategies to turn your voice into a business.

If you’re ready for your speaking business to thrive and see your vision come to life then enroll.