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Motivational Speaker, Mindset Expert, World-Class Athlete,

I teach people how to overcome fear, unlearn bad habits, and become a self-made goal achiever.


yo! i'm charles clark

If I can hit rock bottom and bounce back, you can thrive, too.

hey, i'm charles

I had it all. I was a world-class athlete on the brink of international fame. That was until I lost everything due to a career-altering injury. The end of my life as a track and field star left me at my all-time low and questioning my purpose. This brokenness forced me to search for my identity outside of sports. I eventually realigned my focus and set out to make an impact, bigger than myself: using my story to help people start thriving and get on the podium of their life dreams.

So, who am I today? I'm a motivational speaker, author, and expert in mindset and mental wellness. My story and strategies have impacted thousands all over the world, helping people step into the best version of themselves. Are you ready to do the same?

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Charles Clark is an authority on rising to your best self so you can lead, take control, and win.


The Thrive Tribe Podcast is a compilation of inspiring interviews from people who learned to develop a thriving mindset, business, health, athletic career and personal life. It’s time to listen so you too can embody the meaning of "Thrive” and conquer your goals.

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Charles Clark is an incredible motivation speaker and truly

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Set the tone for your entire event by hiring a motivational speaker who will uplift, empower, and give your attendees a different perspective on how to succeed personally and professionally.

Not only is Charles Clark a keynote speaker that is entertaining, but his humor, authenticity, and practical advice will leave your co-workers, employees, sports team, and audience connected to a great ambition and purpose in life.

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In this course, I'll not only teach you how to find your intention, but I'll give you the keys for standing out as a motivational speaker. You'll gain my secrets for building a successful speaking business and getting paid for it too. 

If you're ready to find your voice, create your own life through a flexible work schedule and learn how to craft your story into a compelling message, then apply today. Applying will give you access to my online coaching sessions and our exclusive community of like minded speakers on the journey to creating a powerful brand. 

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