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My entire life has been about overcoming adversity and going beyond my breaking point.

I’m a speaker and mindset coach, sharing my story of pain and struggle and how it led me to be the man I am today.

Picture this. I’m a 3-time National Champion, 10-time All-American and the 6th fastest man in the world at the age of 22. I was just one year away from landing my first shoe deal as a track and field superstar. I was living out my ultimate dream and nothing could stop me.

And just like that. I would face a 99% tear in my right quad muscle, an injury that would debilitate my career. My dream, as I knew it, was over. My purpose, gone. My confidence was left bankrupt and my emotions were starving. 


2009 IAAF World Championship

Little did I know...

Following my injury, I began speaking voluntarily at local schools, giving them a watered-down version of my life with surface level motivation, never touching on the pain I was going through. I believed no one would want to hear me speak. I was fearful of the judgement I might face. I mean c’mon, even my mom was financially supporting me. 

It was this life-changing event that would make me become the man I am today.

They don’t want to just hear about success, they want to understand how the pain I went through had purpose.

That’s when my whole agenda changed. I started actually impacting people with my story.  I started putting on Thrive Events and traveling around the world impacting tens of thousands of lives each year. I became an expert in the things that had some people stuck: becoming mentally strong, improving habit, discovering purpose, vision creating and goal setting. 

I finally realized that people needed to hear my entire journey. 

Thriving in life is about more than chasing a gold medal. 

Thriving is all the things most people forget when they are determined to achieve a great goal. These are the dimensions that gave me a life of purpose and led me to impact people and organizations all over the world. 

It’s about learning from failure.
 It’s about becoming a better you.
It’s about living with intention.
It’s about finding your big why.



 lives changed at my events


speaking gigs


days as a vegetarian


5 star reviews


The Journey


hit rock bottom 
moved back home with mom after college 
struggled with a devastating injury 
dealt with depression 


create a non-profit
put on my first fashion show 
started speaking in high schools 
started writing my book 


worked with a hypnotherapist and mindset coach 
my first speaker website 
got my first check for speaking 


retired from track 
3x ncaa champion
10x all-american 
6th fastest man in the world 
moved to tampa 


quit working at dicks sporting goods 
launched my business full time  
started traveling the world as a professional speaker 


created the thrive planner 
created thrive experiences 
start the thrive tribe podcast 
join toastmasters (made it to nationals in toastmasters)


first personal development retreat 
worked with a business coach 
hire a writing coach 


launch my first speaking course
major business pivot 
virtual speaking became a thing 
hit six figures 
started the journey to paid speaking gigs podcast


created the recap journal 
reopen my business to in-person event
finished writing my book
Impacted over 600,000 people through events 


My passion for student-athletes led me to create a non-profit organization that impacts thousands of kids across the United States every year. 

As a kid, and prior to my success as an athlete, I wasn’t good at reading or writing. 

I struggled to get passable grades and I found myself nearly failing every year. My confidence in school was at a zero, so I turned to track and field for the self esteem boost that I needed. As college neared, I was fearful that I wouldn’t make it in with my poor SAT scores and GPA. But this fact made my determination stronger. I had to get into college. I had to join a collegiate track and field team. 

After missing out on a college semester and passing my entrance exam by a single point, I secured a full scholarship to Florida State University and became a three-time national champion on their track and field team.

Who would've thought that the same kid, who was ridden with failure and setback, would graduate from Florida State University to not only become 10x American and 6th fastest man in the world at 2009 IAAF World Championship, but would also make the dean’s list and acc honor roll.

 I wanted to get them the resources they needed to succeed, but also give them the encouragement they deserved to get them to secure the gold metal in life. This passion led me to developing What Matters Foundation.
Since 2019, I’ve had the privilege of impacting over 30,000 students. I’ve given away over $20,000 in educational scholarships and put together the largest student inspirational event in Virginia with over 900 attendees.

I soon developed a passion for student-athletes like me who struggled to get into college.



students impacted


educational scholarships


student event attendance


The Facts

on flights, you can find me...

a. Sleeping 90% of the time
b. Reading a business book
c. Catching up on emails
d. Watching a movie

i start every morning with:

a. My go-to smoothie
b. A run alongside Tampa Bay
c. Repeating my Will Statements
d. A inspirational podcast

my favorite drink is:

a. Coffee
b. Orange Juice
c. Water
d. Iced Tea

i was once:

one of the fastest men in the world

I’m a vegetarian but will backslide on some crab legs

True    or    False


a. Roller Coasters
b. Running
c. Florida Summers
d. Traveling

I’m a vegetarian but will backslide on some crab legs

on my bookshelf

We’ve all asked ourselves the terrifying question of “is my purpose being fulfilled?” 

Thriving is something we can all seek in every area of our lives. For me, it’s not just something I can experience on stage in front of thousands— it is all encompassing. Between my health, community outreach, and close relationships, thriving is a lifestyle. You too can step into a life of ambition, joy and purpose. Join Me. 

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Whether or not you’ve faced a life-altering event like I did

We've Given Away Hundreds Books to Kids 

When my track and field career took a turn for the worst, I turned to books to give me insight on how to handle obstacles and how to become the man that I am today. Books have the power to change a life and completely transform the next generation. Children deserve to thrive. Please join me as we provide books that will impact the lives of world-changers to come.