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There is no such thing as writer's block

I can no longer allow myself or you to believe that our inspiration and creativity has been sucked out of us for no apparent reason.


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Goal Planning

How to be Committed to Your Goals

Learning how to be committed to your goals has everything to do with your level of devotion.

Devotion: love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

Everyone has a devotion to something. 







And the list goes on and on.. 

Take a minute and ask yourself, what am I devoted to? Where are my commitments?

I have spent a lot of my life thinking that if I am doing something, then I am devoted to it. If I am showing up – no matter the attitude, the energy, the effort – I am still committed. It was not until I became a successful athlete that the concept of the posture of my devotion challenged me. 

Devotion is not just an act of love, loyalty or enthusiasm for something. Devotion is how deep you love. It is how steadfast your loyalty is. It is how passionate your enthusiasm exudes. 

You see, devotion is not just doing – but the way in which it is done. 

I was devoted to track and field. Intensely driven in every single move I made. I did not want to just show up, I wanted gold medals. 

I know if I want to get the best out of the race, I have to have good posture, they call it an athletic posture. This stance requires a stature of readiness, a mind of focus, a body of preparedness, and a heart of confidence. All of that was a result of how I showed up to practice, what I fed my body, things I allowed into my mind, and more. I did not want just to show up, I wanted to show up knowing my posture was prepared before ever stepping on the track. 

At any moment, you need to be ready to give your all and receive the best. 

Give your all to your family. 

Give your all to your dreams. 

Give your all to your purpose. 

Ask yourself, Am I ready to give my all and receive the best?

I start every morning reading my Bible. There were times, I was half asleep, sluggishly grabbing my phone and opening the BibleApp, knowing there was no way I was going to get the most out of what God had for me. Once I realized that my devotion to reading the Word was more an act of habit  than a love and enthusiasm of the heart, I shifted my posture. Now, every morning when I wake up, I turn on the light, sit up in bed and dive into my Word – because I know my posture matters. I know I can receive better, prepare better, consume better, and devote myself stronger. 

Get ready to have a true posture of devotion with these 4 shifts that will have you more committed than ever to achieve your goals.

1. Attitude

The first is your attitude. The attitude in which you do things changes your process and mindset surrounding devotion. You need an attitude of “I get to be devoted to my routine” instead of I have to be devoted to my routine. Watch your demeanor and vibrancy shift when devotion becomes a posture instead of an act. 

2. Physical Position

Pay attention to your physical posture. The way you move sets your groove to be in it or out of focus. Are you sitting tall and straight, allowing maximum air capacity? Hold your head high and have your feet firmly planted. Your physical posture 100% plays into your posture of devotion. 

3. Optimal Time

At what times are you pouring into your commitments? I want you to ensure that what you are devoted to is getting your optimal time. If you are deeply devoted to your family, do not neglect them in the morning before work and only give them your exhaustion at 8 pm. Find ways to integrate what you are devoted to in your peak performance times. Your posture will shift based on the time and attention you give to it. 

4. Heart

Our heart directly affects our brain and decides what is worthy of our devotion. It will undeniably change us from a position of just doing it, to how we choose to do it. 

If we can adapt in these 4 areas, our devotion will not just be something we are committed to, but it will transform us in a way of expectation, growth and power. 

Devotion is important. Being committed to something matters, but how we choose to devote ourselves matters most. 

I challenge you to have a posture of devotion this week. And remember, devotion is not just doing – but the way in which it is done. How will you get things done from here on out?

Here is a planning tool to get more focused on the goals you want to be committed to.


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