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How many limiting beliefs are stopping you from fully pursuing your goals? How much is the lack of clarity costing you? How many times have you done it yourself to get half of the results needed? How much money are you missing out on because of the lack of consistency? 

Get to the finish line of your goals faster and with more clarity of what it takes to fulfill that crazy vision you have. As a world class athlete and international speaker, I know the power of having a coach to push me past my breaking point to produce massive success. 

Join my 4-week Thrive Coaching program, which is designed to give you a confident mindset, consistency, and accountability to accelerate your path towards achieving your big goals.

Starts June 15, 2020.

mindset coach by charles clark

1x Weekly video lessons

Each week, get a short, power packed video from me that covers topics like developing a confident mindset, success habits, establishing routines, removing limiting beliefs, setting daily intentions, manifesting your goals, creating a plan of action, maintaining consistency, and discovering how to show up for yourself, and much more.  

mindset coach program with thrive planner

thrive planner (SOLD SEPERATELY)

Every day, you will use the 90 day Thrive Planner designed to move your big goals toward the finish line. I’ll teach you how to amplify your productivity, develop consistency and clarity by creating a daily, weekly, and monthly game plan for your major goals. Sustain your motivation by tracking your progress with measurable daily activities.

confidence coaching

5x live coaching/Q&A Calls

These weekly, live Q+A calls are specifically designed to check in on your progress, address any issues you are having, gain clarity by getting answers to your questions, and providing the accountability you need and be amongst a community of thrivers. 

online coaching program

1x Weekly Thrive Worksheet

Each week, you will receive an accompanying worksheet with the mindset coaching videos to further engage with the topics so you can receive added value as well as useful tools and techniques you can implement throughout the week. 

online coaching program for entrepreneurs


Twice a month, you will receive fuel for your mindset so that your inner GOAT in you can dominate. Through meditations, mindset hacks, mini talks, and transformational messages you will be able to stay focused and encouraged on the journey.

You can thrive too. Begin your journey stepping into a life a fulfilling your purpose. You’ll remove the limiting beliefs that have held you back from crushing failure to conquer your 30 day goals like your we’re destine to.

“Excuses are infinite, opportunities are not.”



Success Stories

Brian Broussard
Brian BroussardOwner/Physical Therapist Read More

“Coming from someone who spent thousands and thousands of dollars on business coaching in the last year, this mindset coaching program is well worth the investment because it helped me identify and reshape the false beliefs that have been holding back my business and my personal growth.”

Xaiver Grey
Xaiver GreyFinancial Advisor Read More

“As a Financial Advisor I’m constantly faced with challenges that conflict with our comfort zone. The principles Charles coaches on are valuable in helping me realize the limits I placed on myself and developing a plan to attack them.”

Iliana Barrientos
Iliana BarrientosLicensed Esthetician Read More

“The Thrive Coaching Program and the Thrive Planner have been crucial in pushing me towards my life’s vision. With the planner I am able to break down my goals into actionable steps and the program has given me the community I need to keep me accountable. If you’re serious about improving yourself and your life you need to try this program!”

Jordan Stenholm
Jordan StenholmTransaction Support Specialist Read More

“Charles has a special ability to motivate others to overcome their most gripping fears. I started working with Charles because his coaching is exhilarating, inspiring, and very disciplined. He will tell it to you straight and help you realize, your life is truly whatever you make it be.”

Jordan Stenholm
Jordan StenholmTransaction Support Specialist Read More

Joining Charles coaching program, I have greatly improved my consistency and personal accountability working towards my goals and habits for success. This program has brought me into a community of like-minded and driven people who are truly here to help and hold me accountable with what I aim to do. I highly recommend becoming a member of the Thrive Tribe since it provides a solid network and valuable mentor in Charles who is genuinely invested in seeing each person fulfill the potential that we all hold within.

James Doherty II
James Doherty IINaming Specialist Read More

“I knew I needed direction. Charles solved my problem with his Thrive Planner and the pages come to life when being able to speak with him and our community every week. My goals have never been clearer, I have the accountability I need, and I am currently in motion on the best 60 days of my life!”

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The power in have clarity is massive confidence to do what you’re called to do. Imagine how different your life would be if you had both.

Join my coaching program to ignite another level of your mindset and success.

Ready, Set, Thrive!

Charles Clark
Thrive Coach and International Speaker



No stress here! If you don’t find yourself satisfied within 7 days of purchasing the Thrive Coaching Program, you get a full refund! All who enroll into the 4 Weeks Thrive Coaching Program, agree to the Terms and Conditions.




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