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I can no longer allow myself or you to believe that our inspiration and creativity has been sucked out of us for no apparent reason.


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I'm an expert in habit improvement, discovering purpose, vision creating and goal setting. 

My story and strategies have impacted thousands all over the world, helping people step into the best version of themselves. Are you ready to do the same?


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Houston, Texas Motivational Keynote Speaker | Charles Clark

Charles Clark is a highly recognized motivational speaker in Houston, TX 

Charles Clark is a motivational keynote speaker who offers life-changing insights to audiences in Houston and across the United States. He engages his audience with a relatable message of overcoming fear to create a life of meaning. Charles combines his powerful story with effective tips to help audiences create purpose and build confidence. His talks are more than just motivation. They’re the push to actually help people change their lives for the better. 

Hire Charles Clark for Your Next Event

Meet Charles Clark, Top Houston Mindset Speaker 

A key trend among Charles’ speeches is the importance of mindset. Charles understands how your mindset can either make or break your life and career. His emphasis on mental health and positivity comes from a direct need he had in his life several years ago. 

At one point in his life, Charles was a successful track and field star with three national championships under his belt. He was recognized as one of the fastest men in the world. Charles’ journey ended instantly, at the pinnacle of his career, after he faced a body tear that would end his running profession. He lost everything in an instant.

As a result, Charles’ mental health and confidence declined. It took a great deal of self discovery to finally get him to a place of purpose and hope for his life.

He eventually realized that his life’s story could be encouraging to the masses. After sharing his narrative at various school gatherings and corporate meetings, he realized that his story had an impact. Fast forward to today where Charles puts on events all over the world, impacting thousands. The experiences he faced led him to become an expert in habit building, discovering purpose and breaking down barriers in life. 

Hire Charles Clark

Charles has worked with top organizations all over the world 

Charles is a top-rated speaker on Gig Salad which reflects his 11+ years of speaking experience. He’s customized topics for small organizations and educational institutions. But he’s also collaborated with some of the most well-known brands in the world. See below for a list of the companies that Charles has created custom talks for. 

Charles Clark Client list

Hire Charles Clark today for your event in Houston

Hiring Charles for your conference, sport event or school assembly in Houston is simple. Start by filling out the form on his website. Charles will follow up by scheduling a call with you to build out a customized message that speaks to the needs of your audience.

Recommended Meeting Venues in Houston, TX

Are you looking for a venue for your next sporting or corporate event in Texas? Take a look at the list below for recommended venues in the area: 

Charles Clark is a motivational, keynote speaker in Houston. He will inspire your corporate team, co-workers, students, or athletes. 

Hire Charles and your audience will leave inspired to set goals and achieve them. Charles’ motivational speeches can lead to increased productivity at work. Hire Charles today, a motivational speaker in Houston, TX.

Charles Clark is also available to travel to Westfield, Katy, Fresno, South Houston, Cypress, Louetta, Greatwood, Bellaire, Manvel, Deer Park, Channelview, Baytown, Humble and more!


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Thrive Experience with Charles Clark

Thriving is something we can all seek in every area of our lives. For me, it’s not just something I can experience on stage in front of thousands— it is all encompassing. Between my health, community outreach, and close relationships, thriving is a lifestyle. You too can step into a life of ambition, joy and purpose. Join Me. 

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How to Become a Motivational Speaker

In this course, I'll not only teach you how to find your intention, but I'll give you the keys for standing out as a motivational speaker. You'll gain my secrets for building a successful speaking business and getting paid for it too. 

If you're ready to find your voice, create your own life through a flexible work schedule and learn how to craft your story into a compelling message, then apply today. Applying will give you access to my online coaching sessions and our exclusive community of like minded speakers on the journey to creating a powerful brand. 

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