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5 Best Motivational Speakers in Dallas, Texas | Charles Clark

Looking to inspire and entertain your team, students or athletes at your next event in Dallas, TX? 

Dallas Texas Downtown Skyline

Below is a line-up of top keynote speakers in Dallas that you can book for a range of events: corporate conferences, university graduations, fundraisers, business events and more. These speakers talk on a variety of topics and craft conversations based on your needs. Check out the list below of 5 of the best motivational speakers in Dallas, TX. 

Charles Clark: Former World-Class Athlete and Top Motivational Speaker in Dallas

Charles Clark’s story started on the running track. He was one of the fastest men in the world and was on his way to landing a shoe deal and finding fame. That was until a career-ending injury left him broken and unable to find new purpose in his life. Eventually, he learned to turn his story of adversity and pain into something that would impact students, professionals and athletes all over the world. Today, Charles Clark is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in Dallas, Texas and across the United States. His customized speaking topics will uplift, empower, and challenge your attendees to be their best selves.

Hire Charles Clark

Tracy Walder: Author, Speaker, Former CIA officer and FBI special agent

Following Tracy’s time as a CIA officer and FBI special agent, she became a sought after public speaker through the World Affairs Council. Through her speaking engagements, Walder shares her story of working in special operations during 9/11 and frequently meeting with President Bush. In all of Tracy’s messages, the thread is the message of the “why not” approach to life. 

T. Powell: Singer, Songwriter and Speaker

T. Powell is a Dallas-based dynamic motivational speaker offering multi-talents to his audiences. He not only is able to inspire through his words, but through his songs too. With every format of his messages, the theme remains the same: How to become a “CEO of You.” ​Visit T. Powell’s website to hear his music and learn more about how you might hire him for your next speaking engagement.

Rick Lewis: Comedian, Entertainer and Keynote Speaker

Rick Lewis’ speaking engagements are unique and invite attendees to have fun, reconnect and be empowered. Upon the start of your event, Rick blends in by posing as a clumsy waiter during a meal. Guests do not even realize that the same waiter later turns into the event’s keynote speaker. During Lewis’ speaking sessions across Texas, he provides a hilarious and engaging learning experience that helps the audiences face their life challenges more effectively. 

Nicole C. Calhoun: Personal Development Coach and Women Empowerment Speaker

Nicole is a sought-after Women in STEM speaker, based in Dallas, TX. In her engagements, she shared personal stories, sometimes humorous, from her 20+ years in the corporate technology world. The goal of her sessions is to engage and empower women who attend. Example topics include “3 Steps to Avoid Communication Breakdown” and “The Courage to be Uniquely You.” 

Charles Clark is a motivational, keynote speaker in Texas who will inspire your corporate team, co-workers, students, or athletes. 

Hire Charles and your audience will leave inspired to set goals and achieve them. Charles’ motivational speeches can lead to increased productivity at work, so hire Charles today, a motivational speaker in Dallas, TX.

Charles Clark is also available to travel to Garland, Grand Prairie, Richardson, Plano, Bach Springs, Hutchins, Carrollton, DeSoto, Seagoville, Lancaster, Arlington, and Fort Worth. 


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Thrive Experience with Charles Clark

Thriving is something we can all seek in every area of our lives. For me, it’s not just something I can experience on stage in front of thousands— it is all encompassing. Between my health, community outreach, and close relationships, thriving is a lifestyle. You too can step into a life of ambition, joy and purpose. Join Me. 

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