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5 Best Motivational Speakers in Seattle, WA  | Charles Clark

Are you looking to inspire your next event audience in Seattle, WA? Then, include one of the best motivational speakers in Seattle in your graduation commencement, corporate conference, or team training. It’s a great way to engage your audience and leave them remembering your event for years to come. San Diego is an excellent choice […]

Are you looking to inspire your next event audience in Seattle, WA?

Then, include one of the best motivational speakers in Seattle in your graduation commencement, corporate conference, or team training. It’s a great way to engage your audience and leave them remembering your event for years to come.

seattle wa downtown skyline motivarional speakers seattle

San Diego is an excellent choice for an event location. There’s a range of event venues to choose from and plenty of activities for your attendees to take part in. Imagine having a great line-up of speakers for your audience to listen to before sending them off to the Space Needle and Pike Place Market for the evening.

As you begin planning for your event, consider this round-up of the five best motivational speakers in Seattle, WA.

Charles Clark: Former World-Class Athlete; Current Author and Best Motivational Speaker in Seattle

Charles Clark, former world-class athlete, is an excellent choice for your next corporate or sporting event in Seattle, WA. In his speeches, Charles shares his story of facing an overcoming career injury. He shared how he turned that injury into something good in his life. Although it was difficult at first, Charles learned how to craft an impactful message from his story of revival. Charles teaches students, professionals and other athletes to turn adversity into greatness. If you’d like to hire Charles for your next event, visit his website

Hire Charles Clark

Sharon Lacy: Speaker and Comedian 

Sharon Lacy pivoted her career from being a middle school teacher to a well-known speaker. She combines comedy with inspiration to leave your audiences feeling happy and motivated. Due to the nature of her talks, Sharon is specially equipped to help your audience overcome stress. In conclusion, this makes her an excellent choice for corporate clients facing burn-out. 

Patrick Schwerdtfeger: Author and Speaker

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is one of the best Seattle speakers who focuses his talks on self-employment and emerging business trends. More specifically, he’s equipped to speak on new technology updates such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Patrick challenges his audiences to “think better” and learn about new business technology and how it will affect corporations. 

Tia Graham: Author, Business Owner and Speaker

Tia Graham, founder of Arrive at Happy, is equipped with neuroscience education. This allows her to teach audiences to find happiness through scientific points. She trains her clients on the impact of positive work culture on business success and employee happiness. Tia worked in leadership in the travel industry, prior to speaking. She. combines stories from her impressive career history in addition to her research in happiness to educate and push audiences. 

Shawn Harper: Former NFL Player and Keynote Speaker

Shawn Harper combines his takeaways from his time in the NFL and corporate boardrooms to teach audiences how to win in business. With over 20 years of speaking experience under his belt, Shawn has become known for his inspiration across Seattle. He tackles tough subjects like alcohol, bullying, and drugs. Through these subjects, he teaches people how to overcome addictions and trials. 

Charles Clark is a motivational, keynote speaker in Seattle, WA. He will inspire your audience through messages of overcoming. He shares talks with corporate teams, students, athletes, and executives.

Hire Charles and your audience will leave inspired to set goals and achieve them. Above all, Charles’ motivational speeches can lead to increased productivity at work. Hire Charles today, a motivational speaker in Seattle. 

Charles Clark is also available to travel to Bellevue, Fremont, Renton, SeaTac, Tacoma, North Bend, Lynnwood, Lakewood, and Kent.

Hire Charles Clark

hiring a motivatonal speaker
hiring a motivatonal speaker

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