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Find a Motivational Speaker For Your Next Event

Finding the right speaker is the best part about planning an event – at least in my opinion. Though it comes with some pressure, you get to search for that one person that can change the passion and mindset of your attendees for years to come – a decision that means so much. Because I […]

Finding the right speaker is the best part about planning an event – at least in my opinion. Though it comes with some pressure, you get to search for that one person that can change the passion and mindset of your attendees for years to come – a decision that means so much. Because I understand the magnitude of this choice, I wanted to make finding a motivational speaker easy for you! In this blog, we will unpack the 7 best places to find a motivational speaker for your event. As I have mentioned before, finding a speaker comes after you have decided on theme, budget, attendance, audience needs and more…

Okay, now that those have been decided, let’s get started….

The #1 way to find the right motivational speaker for your event is to turn to Google! Google is the ultimate search engine and when using it you will always come up with countless options. It is designed to provide the searcher with the most relevant and dependable data results, and because of this, you will almost always find what you are looking for. Google should lead you to the speaker’s personal website and I highly encourage you to check it out. A website tells you so much about the life of the speaker. Get a feel for their professionalism, process, energy, and more by viewing their online presence. Google is always a go-to – but are you using it in the most effective way? Keep reading to find out! 

Though using Keyword Search has to do with Google, I wanted to make it its own section because I promise you, it is that important! When utilizing the search engine, choose keywords that are in alignment with your upcoming event. Consider using phrases like: Local Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Speaker, Resilience Speaker, Hire a Motivational Speaker, Team Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Speaker, Athlete Speaker, Motivational Speaker Nearby, Teen Motivational Speaker, Educational Speaker, Motivational Sports Speaker, Guest Speakers for Colleges. This will lead you to more pointed content that will hopefully result in you finding the perfect speaker for your event.

Keywords are essential because speakers invest a lot of time and money matching their content to your relevant searches. I am strategic in my keywords when creating my online presence because I want those who are searching those keywords to connect with me because of our compatibility. With the never-ending flood of information that the internet provides, narrow things down to your benefit by using keywords when searching.  Find the right motivational speaker for your event with this simple tip!

3. Referrals 

Do not be afraid to ask around! In our ever-growing digital world, sometimes we forget that asking our network for recommendations is even an option. The diversity and accessibility of the internet is convenient, but some of the best finds are made offline. The right speaker for your event can come from anywhere. Ask your network, friends, and colleagues for any recommendations they might have surrounding your event. I think that referrals also come with a level of authenticity that the internet can not always provide. Relational experience is a hard thing to top, so see if a company that you align with has had an epic speaker in the last few months that they can endorse. It’s all worth it to find the right motivational speaker for your event.

4. Gigsalad

Gigsalad is a favorable resource when looking for any kind of entertainer for your event. They provide a full-service platform for booking all kinds of gigs. Motivational speakers, bands, comedians, beauty and so much more. Check out their website and see if you can find the right motivational speaker for your event. Read reviews, watch a clip, check out bios, get a free quote, and all in one place. A site like GigSalad is ideal for easy searching because the platform already has so many answers to your questions built-in.  

5. The Bash

The Bash is an event services booking platform that matches entertainers with planners of weddings, dances, parties, festivals, celebrations, and corporate events. Their goal is to bring your celebration to life! Similar to GigSalad, it offers those searching for the right motivational speaker a plethora of options. It is a one-stop-shop for all things booking and makes searching, booking, and communicating simple. Many professional speakers use sites like this to grow their reachability. If a speaker is using The Bash, they care about growing their business and getting into the view of versatile clientele. 

6. LinkedIn

Utilizing LinkedIn has great advantages when trying to find the right motivational speaker for your event. The social platform is used to manage your professional identity, build and engage with your professional network, and access knowledge, insights, and opportunities. Because of their mission, the platform already has some useful built-in capabilities that make searching and assessing easier. Users can endorse other people’s skillsets based on what they have experienced from the person. On my LinkedIn, I have 99+ speaker endorsements. Thisdisplays my credibility. My page itself should reveal enough about me and my work for you to get a good understanding of what I am about. You can utilize the search bar by typing in Motivational Speaker and it will populate a list of people that have Motivational Speaker listed as their career – this will lead you to thousands of results that you can limit down to fit what you are looking for.

7. Instagram

Social media matters in today’s world. I know when I hear about a new company or product, the first thing I do is check them out on Instagram. The Instagram user projection for 2023 is 1.2 billion users, wow! That is a lot of people, some of whom you might want on your stage. You can always use #motivationalspeakers when searching on the social platform for your potential speaker, but I think the best utilization of Instagram is to use it for research. You can find a motivational speaker that fits your event by checking out their profile – does it align with what you are looking for? Does it reveal a level of professionalism and creativity? Is it current with healthy engagement? Instagram might not seem as important from a planner’s perspective, but it is a great way for your attendees to connect with the speaker after the event. This connection can lead to greater impact beyond the action from the stage.

Now it is your turn to take these tips and find the motivational speaker of your dreams! Research matters because your event matters. Be intentional, take your time, and find the speaker that best aligns with your mission. 

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