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How to Become A Motivational Speaker

If you are trying to figure out how to become a motivational speaker, I highly recommend using GigSalad as a part of building your speaking business. In my short time of using this platform, I have generated multiple six figures from speaking engagements, fostered a relationship with clients that got me repeatable business, and became […]

If you are trying to figure out how to become a motivational speaker, I highly recommend using GigSalad as a part of building your speaking business. In my short time of using this platform, I have generated multiple six figures from speaking engagements, fostered a relationship with clients that got me repeatable business, and became the #1 booked and requested speaker.

I’ve learned that hundreds of organizations and event planners are looking for motivational speakers each month. that’s right each month. So I encourage all beginning, up and coming speakers, and seasoned pros to sign up. The R.O.I, in my opinion, is worth it. But before you start, let me be fully transparent.  

If you look up motivational speakers on GigSalad, you’ll find that a majority of people have poor profiles and sadly aren’t maximizing the potential of this great “speaker bureau like” site. It’s true that many people can contact you through GigSalad, but if you want to be a top speaker that companies add to their list for their upcoming events, you can be certain that they’ll want these three things added to your GigSalad profile. Those areas include your profile appearance, your biography, and your booking info.

1. Create An Attractive Profile Appearance

Here is the first step on how to become a motivational speaker. In the initial search, the most attractive aspect of a speaker is the profile photo. Words can say a lot about someone but a photo can say a thousand words. Event planners want someone likable, trustable, and relatable to their organization. I personally want to make sure my photo reflects the type of clients that I want to attract.

The message that I look to convey is credibility. I wanted my photo to say, “ he’s a credible speaker who’s trusted by many.” I also chose something vibrant and something that popped. The lighting in the room and the outfit I’m wearing is made to stand out, it gets people’s attention. You can pull off the same techniques by considering a high-quality photo, a photo with great lighting, one that attracts the clients you want to represent, and one that makes you stand out.

I also make sure to put my full name in my profile, along with something that makes you unique. Not your company name or mantra. People often believe that an eye-catching statement is more effective than a first name, but the best thing to do is use both. Put your full name in the title and then add a phrase that tells a little bit more about yourself and what you’ve accomplished. 

For reference, these are the top 3 profiles on GigSalad compared to 3 regular profiles… 

how to get better at public speaking
how to become a public speaker

2. Having A High-Quality Speaker Bio

The next step in figuring out how to become a motivational speaker on GigSalad is having a high-quality speaker bio. Those who have a clean and professional bio have a huge advantage over those who don’t. There are three areas where you can incorporate your bio in your profile: the Overview, What to Expect, and the About.

The Overview is the first thing they see when they click on your profile. Your ‘What To Expect’ explains how you motivate the audience and your ‘About’ tells your motivational story. Utilize all three of these but the 2 most important sections are the Overview and the About section. 

I never want to sleep on these areas, because this is why companies hire me. Just as important as your profile picture is, your About page is equally important. Your About section matters a lot because it gives event planners an idea of what to expect from you content-wise.

The Overview, on the other hand, is shorter and answers the burning questions that event planners ask themselves before reaching out to you. Who are you? How long have you been speaking? What’s your expertise? Do you talk about the topic that we are looking for? Are you someone who can represent our brand well? They think this way because everyone associated with their brand represents their brand.

So, write a more effective Overview. To achieve success in this area think like your ideal client and answer those questions that the client would want to know. Here’s my example:

how to become a motivational speaker
GigSalad Speaker Profile Page

3. Providing Booking Info On Your Speaker Profile

Becoming a better speaker doesn’t just happen on the stage. So be sure to fill out all the areas in the Booking Info section. It is equally important because this is how you get booked. Provide the best ways for event planners to contact you shows that you’re serious about getting hired. Not only should you fill out all the booking info, but make sure it’s complete by putting multiple photos and videos of you speaking. And also any other audio content that you can share on your profile. 

You also can’t rely on GigSalad alone to close the deal, because event planners will do extra research on you, and the best way to get more validation is to have a website. It’s important to have a website because it legitimizes your business. It separates the people who are serious from the beginners, and event planners want to work with someone who has some experience in the industry.

Even if you are a beginner, having a website link on your profile will give you a competitive edge. They say “fake it until you make it” but to become a paid speaker is much more than that. Building a successful speaking business is about doing the things that allow you to make it. And a website is a great way for you to achieve that standard. 

My Biggest Piece Of Advice

Overall, the biggest tip on how to become a motivational speaker on GigSalad is to provide key info about yourself in your profile. Event planners want to know about you and providing the details mentioned above shows that you’re serious about getting hired. They want a speaker who stands out, has experience, and reflects professionalism. Even if you are a beginner, you can meet these standards by having a high-quality profile, informative bio, and booking info page that provides a link to your personal website. 

If you want to learn more best ways to get booked or how to become a motivational speaker, book a call with me here so that I can help you build a thriving speaking business. 

I'm an expert in habit improvement, discovering purpose, vision creating and goal setting. 

My story and strategies have impacted thousands all over the world, helping people step into the best version of themselves. Are you ready to do the same?


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