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5 Tips on How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

I think we can all agree that events can be epic, but the planning process can be exhausting. There are details you have to unpack, people that you have to keep in mind, and budgets you have to stay within. As a speaker, I have attended hundreds of events – from big too small, short […]

I think we can all agree that events can be epic, but the planning process can be exhausting. There are details you have to unpack, people that you have to keep in mind, and budgets you have to stay within. As a speaker, I have attended hundreds of events – from big too small, short too long, and chaotic to smooth. I can’t offer you tips on every aspect of the planning process, but there is one major thing I am an expert in. In this post, I want to provide you with 5 tips on how to hire a motivational speaker for your event. 

Choosing the RIGHT speaker for your event matters. There are hundreds of motivational speakers who could do a mediocre job for your audience – not because of their lack of talent, but because of their lack of fit.  With intention and research, you could find the perfect speaker for your organization. Remember, there are hundreds of speakers, but only this one meaningful event. 

5 Tips For Hiring the Best Speaker for Your Event 

Know Your Organization’s Needs Before You Start Looking

Having a clear vision for your event and a deep understanding of your organizational needs before ever starting the search is pivotal. This first step will save you hours of time and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Narrowing down your needs will lead to more promising outcomes when trying to hire a motivational speaker. A shortlist of things to consider before starting: the theme of the event, budget, number of people, virtual/in-person, desired qualifications for hired speaker. Make a list and keep it in front of you as you set out on your search.

Pay Attention to Your Potential Hires Pre-Speech Process 

The intention and time put into the pre-speech process will tell you a lot about the speaker’s ability to execute with excellence for your organization. I set up pre-event calls before every single speech, always asking the question: “What do you need from me to make this the perfect event for you and your organization.”  A speaker who desires to understand the audience’s needs, along with the organization’s goals is necessary for finding the right person to hire. Communication processes, response times, and professionalism must be apparent from the very beginning. Starting strong ends with finishing strong. You should feel a level of care and importance as a potential client. Their process will tell you a lot, pay attention to it before you say yes to hiring a motivational speaker. 

Pick Their Teachability Over Their Title

Being a good teacher has greater influence than their title. I see people picking a motivational speaker for their accomplishments and title rather than their ability to connect to the audience – and this typically leads to disappointment. With pride, I stand on the fact that I was a professional sprinter and that I represented America on the track, however; I stand more boldly on my ability to teach my audiences how to use their setbacks as their greatest comebacks. Relatability is critical and it is imperative for you to ensure the person you are hiring cares more about the heart and struggles of your audience than they do about everyone knowing their name. 

Listen To Their Message 

Most motivational speakers have clips of them speaking from the stage – look at them! These clips give you a small glimpse into the speaker’s talent, energy, and message. Ask yourself, are they a good fit? Does their vibe match our company? Speakers stay within the realms of their expertise – do the clips reveal what your audience needs? Check out their social media and website, it will tell you a lot about the motivational speaker you want to hire. 

See What Other People Are Saying 

Do not sign a contract without checking out the reviews! If you want to know more about a speaker, find their reviews. When a previous client takes the time to write something about their experience, it means something. A few extra minutes can tell you all you need to know about who you want on your stage. Real people, opinions, and life reviews offer an authentic insight into the speaker’s talent, message, professionalism, and more. My reviews have been one of the greatest selling points of my ability as a speaker. 

I care about my past clients and my future clients. And I care about your events, your time, and your organizations. I hope these 5 tips on how to hire a motivational speaker will take some stress off your plate and replace it with excitement. You deserve an epic event – I hope this brings you one step closer to achieving that!

I'm an expert in habit improvement, discovering purpose, vision creating and goal setting. 

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